Cultivating inspiration

From Roman excavations to art museum: The event locations in Lower Austria are charming and unconventional.

Myriad castles, fortresses, theaters and museums attest to the long tradition of and lively present-day cultural life in Lower Austria. Some of the most appealing cultural hotspots in the province are also happy to serve as venues for meetings, workshops and teambuilding activities.

The 10 cm high sandstone statuette of a voluptuous little lady was uncovered during construction work in the village of Willendorf in 1908. One thing has been clear every since: There were talented artists at work in Lower Austria even in the Neolithic Age. Countless writers, musicians and visual artists followed the example of this prehistoric sculptor in the following millennia and created many an unforgettable masterpiece in the region.

Princely patrons of the arts were instrumental in shaping cultural life from the Middle Ages onward but especially during the Baroque Age. These patrons had magnificent structures built in Lower Austria, commissioned artists from the widest variety of fields to execute demanding works and built up distinguished art collections.

This grand historic legacy joins with the theaters, concert halls and museums later built by the province to create a cultural range of offerings that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of variety and caliber. About a dozen of the most attractive venues for arts and culture are also available to serve as inspiring settings for highly memorable business events.

Landesmuseum Niederösterreich in St. Pölten – the major art, natural science and regional history museum in Lower Austria – allows company events to be combined with exciting exploratory tours of the various parts of the collection. Different programs of activities can also be booked there. With CSI Landesmuseum, for instance, a crime in the animal kingdom has to be solved and detective-like astuteness must be applied to expose the perpetrator. 

The nearby Festspielhaus – the festival hall – is an appealing setting with an enchanting social program Special tours provide a behind-the-scenes look at stage equipment and architecture. Visits to rehearsals or discussions with artists can also be arranged. A sightseeing tour of the Baroque center of St. Pölten is another fascinating social program that can be staged to accompany a business event.

Baden, a town south of Vienna known for its Biedermeier architecture and flair, also has a number of sights worth seeing. The Arnulf Rainer Museum there is a charming venue for workshops and seminars. This gem of Neo-Classical architecture accommodates up to 120 guests. Private guided tours are offered through the current exhibition to set a special mood for the event.

Two large open-air museums in Lower Austria take visitors much further into the past. MAMUZ Asparn has open-air archeological grounds where the world of our prehistoric ancestors can be experienced interactively. Carnuntum Archeological Park vividly presents the world peopled by legionnaires, craftspeople and merchants in this ancient Roman city. Both sites also stage numerous incentives on associated themes.

Burg Perchtoldsdorf is a castle that transports visitors back to the “age of the knights and varlets, who bear loyalty in their hearts and a crest on their backsides” (Heinrich Heine). With its armory, castle garden and fortified tower, this imposing castle conveys an intense medieval feeling but also frequently serves as a backdrop for dramatic works from later periods. Shakespeare’s “Tempest” is on the program this July as part of the annual summer theater festival Theatersommer Niederösterreich.

In the 18th century Prince Eugene of Savoy built his country estate Schloss Hof, which is as representative as it is bucolic. The ensemble consists of a magnificent castle and wonderful terraced garden in Baroque style plus an idyllic manor farm. The selection of locations for business events is correspondingly extensive, ranging from the imperial festival hall to the rustic barns.

Imperial splendor and a rustic atmosphere are also featured at Conference Center Laxenburg. Located on the grounds of the former Habsburg summer residence, it enables special events of imperial caliber. This memorable venue steeped in history accommodates parties as large as 880 for meetings, conferences and festivities of all kinds.

A Baroque monastic estate and a former granary form the historical core of Art and Culture Seminar Hotel Geras and the Four Seasons Retreat Waldviertel. These two structures were once part of Geras Abbey. After careful modernization, both show an exemplary symbiosis of historic structural elements and modern infrastructure. Art courses, outdoor sports activities and various meditation techniques are offered as social programs.

Retter Events has a broad repertoire of diverse creative programs virtually unlimited in terms of location, from acrylic painting to lip-dub videos. The experienced incentive expert transports equipment and service providers to (nearly) any site the customer wants. 

And finally, Mondial Congress is available as a competent partner when it comes to selecting locations and incentives with a cultural touch. This internationally renowned pro in the tourist sector not only teams up guests with hosts but also organizes entire events down to the last detail on request.