Danube Wetlands National Park

How about a researchers’ treasure hunt at a national park center or a tour in inflatable boats?

Researchers’ treasure hunt in the national park center at Orth Castle

This program starts with a tour of the Danube wetlands exhibition with a national park ranger. Then the group breaks down into smaller teams to explore the castle island and observe animals who live in the wetlands. Test your newly acquired knowledge in a treasure hunt. Besides agility, team spirit is also called for. Rope bridge and balancing trail both pose a challenge. A personal “Researcher Diploma” is handed out as a memento of this unusual day.

Duration: About 3 hours
Group size: At least  15 people
Price per person: € 14

“Danube Adventure” – tour in inflatable boats from Schönau to Orth

The best way to experience the Danube wetlands in all their diversity is on boat tours. After brief instructions on paddling, you begin by sailing through a side arm of the Danube. The excitement starts when your boat enters the free-flowing Danube and you just let the current take you quickly downstream. Right on the pulse of Mother Nature, you feel the elemental force of the flowing water with each stroke of your paddle.

Duration: About 3 hours
Group size: At least  6, at most 10 people per boat, aged 15 and older
Price per boat: € 225

Nationalpark Donauauen