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Meetings and Conferences at Vienna International Airport:

Conferences for a smooth lift-off: With its cutting-edge design, Office Park 4 is the perfect calling card for any type of event. This office and conferencing center is situated right at the entrance to Vienna International Airport, a major international transportation hub.

The site lends itself as an excellent promotional and advertising space for companies and as a venue for national and international events due to the high numbers of business passengers who frequent it. With 32 seminar rooms and three conference spaces that can be divided into six rooms, Office Park 4 is well-equipped for events of any size. Our 360° full service extends from ad space, a fast lane, and a welcome desk in the terminal to spacious conference facilities and parking areas, to leisure-time activities and accommodation options.

Properly Distanced with a Great View of Flight Activity

Large meeting rooms have ample space to abide easily by the physical distancing requirements, and the event areas are professional disinfected to ensure safety. These event areas at this, the highest airport tower in Europe, and in the exclusive VIP terminal also afford a unique view of flight activity and leave an indelible impression on the guests.

AirportCity Space Vienna Conferencing & Coworking