At the Park Hotel

Wine Tasting

The Incentive Area offers our guests an insightful look at the unique wine culture of our region. Join us in our wine cellar for a glass of wine from the region’s best vineyards paired with traditional cheese and other culinary highlights. If you are interested in learning everything about Austria’s wine industry and traditional types of wine, we recommend you our guided wine seminar with one of our local wine growers.

Our offer:

  • presented by local winery owners
  • cozy atmosphere in the hotel’s own wine cellar
  • dégustation of different local wines
  • jointly designing a degustation evaluation form
  • training the senses of smell & taste
  • 8 dégustation samples, incl. cheeseboard, bread & water
  • 6-12 participants

excl. € 150,00 room rental

Degustation topics:

  • Across the ´Thermal Region`
    € 35,00 pro Person (incl. tax.)
  • Across Austria
    € 35,00 pro Person (incl. tax.)
  • Best of the ´Thermal Region`
    € 40,00 pro Person (incl. tax.)
  • Best of Austria
    € 40,00 pro Person (incl. tax.)

At the Park Hotel