Schallaburg, © Niederösterreich-Werbung/Lois Lammerhuber

Exceptional venues

Exceptional venues

From feudal and historically significant to avant-garde: Lower Austria has the perfect venues for your special event.

As the historical heartland of Austria, Lower Austria has a magnificent cultural heritage. The traces the rulers have left behind in Lower Austria over the past two millennia are particularly impressive. They include the remnants of the Ancient Roman provincial city of Carnuntum as well as the fortresses of the Babenbergs and the churches and monasteries they endowed. Then there are the grand projects of the Habsburgs, who strewed magnificent structures throughout Lower Austria especially in the Baroque period.  If you are looking for a splendid venue steeped in history for your special event, you will soon strike pay dirt in Lower Austria. Among the special event locations with a venerably noble touch are Conference Center Laxenburg housed in one of the Laxenburg castles, Carnuntum Archeological Park, Göttweig Abbey, Perchtoldsdorf Castle,  the Renaissance castle Schallaburg as well as Hof, Hernstein, Grafenegg and Rothschild castles, to name just a few.

Modern meeting

Lower Austria does not rest on the laurels of this rich heritage today but instead attempts to build upon it and add new elements to it. The Landhausviertel governmental and arts district in the Lower Austrian capital of St. Pölten is a prime example. Completed in 1997, it features a unique ensemble of modern Austrian architecture including Landesmuseum Niederösterreich and Festspielhaus St. Pölten. These modern venues can be incorporated as inspiring highlights in a social program or even rented as venues. The same is true of the Loisium wine complex or the Wolkenturm open-air stage at Grafenegg Castle