Convention Bureau, Steinschalerhof, © Niederösterreich Werbung/ Sophie Menegaldo

Green Meetings

Seminars, congresses, meetings and incentives in an environmentally friendly and sustainable setting

Sustainably operating TOP partners at locations in natural settings readily accessible (by public transit) in the heart of the new Europe: Lower Austria fits the bill perfectly for Green Meetings.

Sustainability and environmental protection at events of all kinds are gaining in significance  as quality benchmarks worldwide. A number of TOP partners of Convention Bureau Niederösterreich have fortunately been inspired by Green Meeting ideas – several of them are even considered frontrunners in this segment nationwide. In any case, the Convention Bureau Niederösterreich wants to promote sustainably operating TOP partners: Green partners and packages are therefore presented separately on our homepage.

Paragons of sustainability

So, Steinschaler Nature Hotels, several times host to the Mostviertel Sustainability Conference and its high-caliber international participants, won the Austrian State Prize for Tourism for being a paragon of energy efficiency in the hotel industry. The excursion destinations in the “Gardens of Lower Austria” platform cultivate and tend their gardens according to the criteria of a Lower Austrian initiative devoted to organic gardening (Nature in the Garden). That means gardening in keeping with Mother Nature and no use of mineral fertilizers, pesticides and peat. It also means site-appropriate planting, varietal diversity and awareness of the cycles of nature. And catering companies such as Mörwald, the event organizer Opitz & Hasil or Trabitsch favor organic and regional products when putting together their menus.

Further advantages

Besides these outstanding examples, there are a number of further factors explaining why the Austrian province of Lower Austria can widen its lead as a frontrunner in the Green Meeting segment. First, Lower Austria is advantageously located in the heart of Europe, so it is easily accessible by all means of public transportation. Second, Lower Austria has defined a tourist plan for the entire province that guarantees an intact environment, economic performance and social coherence in the long term.  Last but not least, this region has a broad range of excellent local foods that can be sent to tourist businesses over short distances. All of these factors help to promote sustainability in business travel and make it more enjoyable.