In the heart of Europe

Lower Austria is readily accessible by car, train and airplane.

Lower Austria is well-integrated in the major north/south and east/west routes of Central Europe via railroads and freeways. Long-distance travelers can reach it via Vienna International Airport.

Lower Austria is situated where the Pannonian plains meet the Alps and where the Danube and the Amber Road and other ancient trade routes on the continent cross. With its location in the heart of Europe, Lower Austria has always been a place where people come together – for conflicts as well as for a friendly exchange of information, views and commercial goods.

Central location surrounding Vienna

Today its central location surrounding the economic and cultural capital of Vienna and in the heart of the new Europe is greatly appreciated by organizers of conferences, meetings and special events. After all, Lower Austria is easy to reach from all direction and with all modes of transportation. Given the proximity to the Austrian capital city plus international transportation connections via the Vienna International Airport and the major train stations, guests from around the world can reach even rural areas in Lower Austria quickly and comfortably.

From the provincial capital to the national capital

St. Pölten, the capital of the province of Lower Austria, is approximately in the middle of Austria’s biggest province. Vienna can be reached in around 30 minutes by train on the Western Railroad Line or by car on the A1 autobahn. And from the main train station in St. Pölten, travelers can get to the Vienna International Airport on a direct rail connection in just 50 minutes. 

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