Lower Austria as a business location

Benefit from the many advantages Lower Austria has as a business location.

It is not just its favorable geographic location that makes Lower Austria such a successful business location in Central Europe.

Lower Austria is known as the “Land on the Danube” and the “Land Round Vienna” but most of all as the historical heartland of Austria. Within a small area, Lower Austria offers everything that makes Austria special: a rich history, an incomparable variety of landscapes and first-class quality of life, a high-powered economy and a lively, multifaceted range of art and cultural offerings. With the opening of the former East Bloc and EU enlargement, Austria's largest federal province has shifted once again to the center of the continent. Ever since then it has benefited in terms of business, culture and tourism from being a neighbor to the CEE countries.

Stabile and dynamic

Lower Austria is one of the top locations for business in Europe today. Its geographic location alone offers bonus points: Vienna in the center and the growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe just beyond the doorstep. Political stability, dynamism, short procedural paths, quick decisions, open to investment, active technology policy – Lower Austria is a land of ideas and knows how to make them a reality! And last but not least, Lower Austria has been selected as the corporate headquarters site by a number of established companies such as Agrana, Rewe International, Magna International Europe, Novomatic or Baumax and by innovative newcomers such as Medaustron and Diamond Aircraft Industries.

More information

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