NEW PARTNER: Hotel Marienhof

New management, new flair

The appealing architecture of Marienhof in Reichenau an der Rax has helped make it one of the leading hotels in the Semmering region for more than 100 years. Now operated by the Lavantal-based Pirker family of Hotel Moselebauer fame, Marienhof provides guests with an unforgettable getaway all year round.

The brand-new seminar rooms, the hotel's own rambling park, and its outstanding culinary offerings will make your stay as enchanting as it was during the reign of Emperor Franz-Josef in the Gründerzeit.

Come and be pampered by the new hosts' enthusiasm and explore the wonderful Marienhof highlights below.

Highlights at Marienhof

  • Stately Gründerzeit ambience
  • 59 quiet, spacious rooms and suites
  • Special events at Christmas/New Year's Eve, company functions, individual corporate themed dinners in a sophisticated ambience
  • Top culinary offerings perfectly coordinated with events
  • 80 parking spaces, free of charge
  • Seminar rooms from 29 to 270 m²
  • Outdoor seminars