Congress subsidy in Lower Austria

Q & A about event subsidies

Lower Austria is considered to be the country’s prime location for international congresses and events. This is hardly surprising as there are many advantages, one of which being the attractive congress subsidy program by the state of Lower Austria. The subsidization of scientific events can amount to EUR 3,000, which makes this Austrian federal state a go-to destination for event organizers.

Even better: Convention Bureau Niederösterreich organizes the professional handling and awarding of subsidies while you can fully focus on planning your congress.

The congress subsidy in short

Congress subsidization in Lower Austria is a financial support by the federal state for scientific congresses with at least 60 participants. These must take place in Lower Austria and result in at least 100 overnight stays.

FAQ: subsidy guidelines & management

In order to be granted a congress subsidy, a project needs to fulfil certain criteria. If this is the case, the amount of the subsidy will be calculated subsequently. The subsidy amounts to a sum between EUR 1,500.00 and 3,000.00 in relation to the number of verified overnight stays due to the congress.

Which criteria must be met for event subsidization?

The subsidization applies to all congresses that are held in Lower Austria and

  • ... have a scientific or education-oriented focus.
  • … are attended by at least 50 participants (not including the parties accompanying the participants)
  • ... result in at least 80 overnight stays in the federal state of Lower Austria (including the parties accompanying the participants)

You may apply for a subsidy either as the event organizer of the congress or as their appointed PCO. In either case, the application must be submitted to Convention Bureau Niederösterreich at least one month before the congress starts.

Do I receive a subsidy for events without overnight stays?

No. All of the criteria above must be met 100 percent in order to receive an event subsidy. Only congresses resulting in overnight stays (at least 80 overnight stays in Lower Austria) qualify for subsidization. You are not entitled to any subsidy if the congress takes place in Lower Austria but the participants stay overnight in another federal state, such as Vienna, or vice versa.

In short: Both the congress and the minimum number of 80 overnight stays need to be in Lower Austria.

What is the extent of subsidization of scientific events and congresses?

The more overnight stays your event entails in the federal state of Lower Austria, the higher the extent of the subsidy will be. After the congress it lies within the responsibility of the event organizer to hand in written proof of the number of overnight stays, for example a confirmation issued by the hotel.

  • 80 to 200 overnight stays: EUR 1,500.00
  • 201 to 400 overnight stays: EUR 2,000.00
  • 401 to 1,000 overnight stays: EUR 2,500.00
  • more than 1,000 overnight stays: EUR 3,000.00

Where do I receive individual advice for congress subsidies?

Get in touch with Convention Bureau Niederösterreich and you will receive detailed information concerning your query. The team of Convention Bureau is happy to help you if you are not sure whether your event meets all criteria for congress subsidization. Or in case you would like to find out the approximate subsidy amount. Or if you have any further questions concerning the congress subsidy.

Your contact:
Edith Mader
+43 2742 / 9000 – 19825

Do I need to attend to the handling of the subsidization process?

Of course not. The Convention team of Lower Austria is happy to arrange this for you. All you need to do is to make sure that the qualification criteria for subsidization are met and then send us your application including all relevant documents. In the next step, we will examine your application according to the given subsidy guidelines and inform you as quickly as possible whether your application has been approved.

What happens after the approval?

For the final disbursement of the granted subsidy the competent authority needs further documents from you as the event organizer. For example, a list of participants and an invoice of the actual subsidy amount are needed. Certain services such as the insertion of the logo of Niederösterreich-Werbung GmbH on the website of your congress or an entry in the Austrian congress statistics are also required for disbursement. Read more about the disbursement modalities and return services in the 

When will I receive the congress subsidy?

The granted subsidy is disbursed after the congress and the fulfilment of all criteria as well as the completeness of all relevant documents by January 31 of the subsequent year.

How are subsidies disbursed?

The invoice issued by the event organizer will be settled by Niederösterreich-Werbung GmbH. They will transfer the granted subsidy sum to your specified bank account within the time frame mentioned above. The total amount of the subsidy will be disbursed in one transfer and does not need to be set off against other services.

Apart from the event subsidy, what else speaks in favor of congresses in Lower Austria?

The financial incentive is only one among many advantages that make Lower Austria a top-class destination for congresses, conferences and events of all kinds. Whether your event will be a success depends, above all, on the right contact person. With Convention Bureau Niederösterreich at your side, you will manage this challenge easily.

You may look forward to the following services:

  • support in finding a venue and the organization by the competent team of Convention Bureau Niederösterreich
  • Top-destinations for your congress
  • unique leisure opportunities for your social program including culture & nature, wine & culinary pleasures
  • central location in the heart of Europe, within close proximity to Vienna (Vienna Airport)
  • high-quality Congress Locations – ranging from historic to state-of-the-art

Did you find these points convincing? Then do not hesitate to apply for congress subsidization today and turn your congress in Lower Austria into a veritable success!

Which locations are suitable for congresses in Lower Austria?

The attractive congress subsidization is not the only reason why Austria’s largest federal state enjoys increasing popularity with organizers of congresses and international major events. Above of all, it is also due to locations combining a professional infrastructure with the country’s unique culinary culture. For example, the spa and Biedermeier town of Baden, the cultural hub of the Wachau, Krems, the trade fair city Tulln an der Donau or the regional capital St. Pölten.

More information on Lower Austrias top congress cities.

Furthermore, excellent congress centers attract event organizers in great numbers. “Culture meets technology” could be the motto of congress locations in Lower Austria. Historical flair and modernity do not exclude one another in this cultural region. On the contrary: They form the perfect combination for successful business events in an extraordinary ambience.

Have a look at the top locations for congresses in Lower Austria now!

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