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Grow as a team - experience the Weinviertel region

Combine your seminar, workshop or retreat with a team event and create a truly unique experience.

The highly motivated team of the Therme Laa - Hotel & Silent Spa will turn your event into a special experience that will be remembered for a long time. The nature on the doorstep of the hotel invites you to a wide variety of activities. From cycling tours, raft building to BBQ workshops or wine tours through the neighbouring vineyards everybody will find just the right program!

Cycling through the Weinviertel

Give your head a well-deserved break with „pleasure cycling“ or pedalling hard and feeling your body: No matter how you want to go about it - on the saddle of a bike is certainly the best way to explore the picturesque Weinviertel. Around the thermal spa and away from busy roads, you and your team have the ideal conditions for this. At the same time you can experience the culinary diversity of the region. On request, the Therme Laa - Hotel & Silent Spa lends bicycles and helmets free of charge.

BBQ Workshop

Barbecue champion, master butcher and meat sommelier Adi Matzek offers various team and barbecue events at our resort. At the steak tasting, for example, many international steak varieties are tasted in a blind tasting. Barbecuing becomes a team event, enjoyable entertainment and a flavourful highlight.

Raft Building

The participants are divided into several groups and go to the raft-building sites, which are slightly apart from each other. Using the materials provided, the teams independently build a navigable raft that will carry the entire team. In the subsequent regatta, the seaworthiness of the rafts is put to the test. While still on the lake, the individual rafts join together and return to the shore as a strong unit.

Unlimited Wine Enjoyment

The Falkenstein cliffs with the wine villages from Poysdorf via Falkenstein to the state border continue on the Czech side in the Pálava mountains. With their often very steep hills and cliffs made of Jurassic limestone, both regions offer the best conditions for winegrowing. On this tour, we show you a wine terroir in two cultural areas with exciting tastings, impressive wineries, picturesque villages and scenic highlights.

Find more ideas and programs in the folder for download below.

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