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Arnulf Rainer Museum, © Arnulf Rainer Museum/Rainer Mirau TOP partners

Arnulf Rainer Museum

Seminar and special event location

  • Max. seating120
  • "Largest room in m²"92
2500 Baden
Josefsplatz 5
Park Hotel and park terrace, © At the Park Hotel TOP partners

At the Park Hotel

Seminar hotel

  • Max. seating100
  • "Largest room in m²"300
2500 Baden
Kaiser Franz-Ring 5
Stift Göttweig, © Markus Haslinger TOP partners

Benediktinerstift Göttweig

Congress location , Seminar and special event location

  • Max. seating360
  • "Largest room in m²"930
3511 Furth bei Göttweig
Stift Göttweig
MS Austria, © BRANDNER Schiffahrt TOP partners

BRANDNER Schiffahrt

Seminar and special event location , Incentive partners

  • "Largest room in m²"160
3500 Krems an der Donau
Welterbe-Platz 1
Burg Perchtoldsdorf, © MGP/Manfred Horvath TOP partners

BURG Perchtoldsdorf

Congress location , Seminar and special event location

  • Max. seating426
  • "Largest room in m²"2.656
2380 Perchtoldsdorf
Paul-Katzberger-Platz 1
Cityhotel D&C St. Pölten, © Cityhotel Design & Classic TOP partners

Cityhotel D&C

Seminar hotel

  • Max. seating450
  • "Largest room in m²"450
3100 St. Pölten
Völklplatz 1