EchoTangoZulu @Hellsklamm

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Coaching specialists EchoTangoZulu in Lower Austria is where team building, "Primal Leadership" development, and transformative outdoor experiences come together!

The carefully crafted programs feature intensive experiences that foster communication, build resilience, make shared success feel tangible, and appeal to your natural instincts. The Hellsklamm Forest serves as the perfect backdrop for reflection, inspiration, and personal growth. By sharing challenges and triumphs, participants develop a deep sense of trust in themselves and each other. This unique team experience encompasses survival skills, flying fox rides, off-roading, raft building, campfire talks and even sleeping out under the stars!


  • Certified safety expert for outdoor activities (ÖNORM S2417)
  • 670 acres of untamed woods with plenty of space to experience first-hand 'the adventure of the forest'
  • Luxury tipi area for course activities
  • Flying Fox, swimming pond
  • Base camp with 20 x 12 metre flying roof including a bar and reception desk, dining facilities, a DJ stage with sound and lighting systems, storage rooms, seating for up to 300, restrooms and fire pits throughout the campground.
  • Amazing campsites featuring spectacular views of the surroundings, from the Ötscher peak to the Tulln Basin.

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