Seminar- und Eventhotel Krainerhütte

Spirit Park

Inspired by the wisdom of the indigenous people, some of their knowledge has been integrated for designing the landscape park and its adventure stations. This is how the learning transfer stations were developed, which qualify excellently to realise creative potentials and experiences, to define bridges, to find corporate goals or philosophies and to gain realizations about your own strengths and weaknesses, which mean a lot both privately as well as professionally. 25 stations are at your disposal, free of charge and uninterruptedly.

We have developed a large repertoire of simple and thrilling exercises to complicated, complex theme trails for you to try out. Groups as well as individuals have the possibility to visit all places or just selected spots, as you choose.

The park invites every guest, every group, everybody who comes to us to find what he or she needs and requires at that exact moment: Peace and harmony, perception of nature or self- awareness, group dynamics or memorable moments at celebrations or evening programmes.

With our Spirit Park we would like to question or scrutinize the simple and upright way of thinking, to indicate a new consciousness and awareness, to allow inspirations and to demonstrate the relationship between the humans and nature.

Seminar- und Eventhotel Krainerhütte